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Making the personal political

ALP Election Leaflet 1974 Reproduced by kind permission of Bruce Petty   Michelle Arrow, The Seventies: The personal, the political and the making of modern Australia, NewSouth Publishing, 2019. How should we characterise… Asmodee STR10500 Lords of Hellas - Ed. Italiana

Are independents part of a ‘green-left’ conspiracy? New research finds they are more the ‘sensible centre

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Feo Snagovsky, Australian National University and Patrick Dumont, Australian National University Australia’s major political parties are not popular institutions. Minor parties and independent candidates have been chipping away at their primary vote for… Continue reading

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Campaign finance in Australia: What are the issues and how are they perceived by citizens?

Australians increasingly feel estranged from their representatives. According to the Australian Election Study, record numbers of Australians are concerned that the government is run not for them but for ‘a few big interests’?… Acryl Vitrine für Lego 75187 UCS BB-8 - NEU

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Post-democracy: does populism have a place in Britain?

For democracy to be flourishing, movements emerging from the population must, from time to time, be able to give the system a shock, writes Colin Crouch. Yet that raises questions about xenophobic populism: can… Continue reading

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Economic voting and party positions: when and how wealth matters for the vote

  Does the ownership of economic assets matter for how people vote? Drawing on new research, Timothy Hellwig and Ian McAllister find the answer is yes. They argue that by changing their policy positions, parties can shape the… Continue reading

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Political consumerism: buying better to free slaves?

  Modern slavery is hard to define and quantify, with public understandings of the problem often built through stories presented in news, government reports, awareness campaigns, and entertainment media. The political narrative of… Ancien LEGO 641 legoland EXCAVATOR VINTAGE 1978

The end of the old order? From left-right to open-closed politics

Jonathan Wheatley explains the shifting positions of voters on economic matters and matters of culture. He writes that between 2015 and 2017 support for Britain’s main parties became much more predicated on issues of… Aston Martin Vantage GT3 No.32 24 H Spa 2014 (P.Wilson - S.Leonard - M.Meadows

What did the (UK) coalition government do for women?

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Much of the progress made towards gender equality under the coalition government was offset by the impact of austerity on women, writes Anna Sanders. While a number of gender equality policies were brought forward… Continue reading

Policy competition between the Greens and the Australian Labor Party

How do the Australian Greens and the Labor Party each use policies to appeal to voters? Do the Labor and Liberal parties adopt broadly similar policy positions? Are the Greens just ‘tree tories’?… Continue reading

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Australians are enthusiastic online petitioners, certainly more enthusiastic than the Australian Government. Despite the fact that online petitioning is increasingly common, our government’s online petition site does not approach the standard set by… Continue reading

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